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TheCitadel (Intel Channel) Access Request Guidelines

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If you are interested in gaining access to TheCitadel please read the following guidelines.


Minimum requirements:


1) Access to TheCitadel is granted to player corporations and alliances only. They must be active in Providence and/or surrounding Amarr low sec.

2)The corporation has to have a minimum membercount of 5. If an Alliance requests access, at least one corp has to have a minimum member count of 5

3) All Characters and Corporations have to be NOT KOS (see http://kos.cva-eve.org).

It is the duty of the Applicants to ensure they have no KOS players in their corporation when they apply.

If you are KOS for some reason and wish to change that, contact our officers in CVA-DIPLO (ingame channel)


4) To request access, join cva-diplo channel and follow the instructions.

In your request (via evemail to the magistrates linked in cva-diplo) please state the following:

-Who you are requesting access for (in the mail subject/header as well as in the mail body - helps a lot to sort our inbox!)

-Who are you and what is your function in the current corp/alliance (are you a corp diplo/alliance diplo or executor, if not who can we contact instead)

-Why do you need access? corp affiliation/plans to team up with other holders/invitation by residents etc..

-Do you have any friends in Providence that vouch for your corp/alliance (can speed up requests) you or we can contact in case of emergency

- Please link the corp/alliance killboard and website if available, if not we appreciate if you use the dotlan.net and eve-kill.net websites and provide us with a direct link (it will save us time searching for you there)!


5) Minmatar faction warfare corporations do not need to apply

Important hint: Minmatar FW corporations are also considered as "hostile player corporations" not as regular NPC corporations, which makes a difference for KOS requests.

6) Exceptions, mutes, bans etc:


We reserve the right to deny requests based on our own information even if the above requirements are met, on the other hand exceptions are made for friends of the goat lord and those that haven proven their loyalty to the empress, the amarrian struggle against heathens.


IF/When you gain access to TheCitadel please be polite even if the others aren't, don't discuss other topics at length, don't be a retard in general. Temporary mutes are handed out to sperglords and those that are too lazy to use the kos checker and/or are reporting blues/neutrals (mute lasts a few mins to 30 mins usually and will not be discussed, you are still able to read intel). Banned and kicked players are advised to join cva-diplo as well if they want to inquire the reasons.


Help others by providing intel, enjoy the occasional meltdown and have fun in Providence!


Access to northern providence intel and proviblock fleet formup channels as well as standings are managed by other magistrates and officers.

Please join cva-diplo or "-7- Diplomacy" diplo to inquire about those.


In general active participation in TheCitadel is a good way to earn trust and gain better standings faster.


ALT Corporation Access Rules


Access to alt corporations owned by individuals who currently already have access through another corporation or alliance is allowed even if the alt corporation is below the minimum member requirement.  When requesting access the alt corporation needs to have its owner and his/her alliance/corporation identified and vouched for both by the owner and by a ceo or director of the owners corporation/alliance.

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Guidelines for posting in the Citadel

Correct way to post intel:

Name of Pilot, System, Type of ship, +1 to however many there are.

The killmail of the people who just killed you, system, if known which way warped off. 


These are all examples more examples will be added as I see them occur. 


Spike number of people,

The killmail of the person you just killed, system (this is blue intel)

The Killmail of your ship that you just lost to NPC's.


If you have a question or want more information beyond what is listed below use personal messages or thechatadel

dose anyone want to go kill them (if the question has to be asked just make a fleet and hunt them)


Do not post blue names in the intel channel. Do not argue with thecitadel admins.


I will add to this as I see problems 

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