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Eagle Wing Industries (CVA) | Industry / PVP

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Hi capsuleer!

Eagle Wing Industry is small heavy industry corporation and part of CVA - one of the oldest EVE alliances. We are living in one of the liveliest NullSec region of Providence.  We uphold the principles of NRDS (not red, don’t shoot) as we believe we should treat other EvE players as friends, until proven incorrect 🙂


Which in game means we have more reds to shoot at than average NullSec block member!

We would like to welcome a few new members onto our small corporation. All previous COGG or Proviblock members are welcome with open arms. For all newcomers, we’d like to have background check and consult with you about you’r suitability to our small community!

We can offer following:

  • Opportunity to run null sec combat anomalies on Sansha Space

  • R32/R64 moons to mine

  • Everything the industrialist desires:  T1/T2/T3 reactions, up to capital production

  • Experienced marketeers/industrialists to learn from

  • Keepstar to market your stuff

  • Jump Freighter Service

  • Buyback for almost all items

  • Available PI infrastructure


  • Loads of roaming gangs and angry neighbours close-by to shoot at.

  • Daily small and big fleets as part or coalition, where we are one of the most active corporation on Proviblock (EU-TZ usually has more fun)

  • Friendly FC’s to learn from

  • Fleet SRP on alliance level

  • Stocked market with coalition ship fittings

  • Fly Supercapitals for laughs! *no SRP

Corporation Zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98370987/


  • We expect you to uphold NRDS rules. https://www.cva-eve.org/rules-of-providence/

  • Be nice to our enemies (favourably with lazors)

  • Take part on corporation/alliance activities.

  • Take part of Coalition fleets (RL first!)

  • Be somewhat experienced on life on the nullsec

  • Be self-sufficient on ISK making

  • Don’t be snowflake and endure all the bad memes our glorious CEO shares.


How to contact us?

Contact our recruiters ingame: Hiron Serin or OfTheAncients

Or hop in our Discord and have a chat with us : 


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