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(VI) Fartendur

BR: Im to old for this shit

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So we formed from kheram a small Nightmare fleet with 4 nms and 2 orcales 2 scimis and a few suports.

The fleet was formed by EX PTB members and some aditional friends to celebrate the fcs bday(Fardendur)

We moved up to 9uy and rogue decided to be a pro D. pilot warp too 0 on 49gc gate and see us slowboating out of his range and stood there with his big D. in hand and watch us kill some random ships on the field.


After waiting for a few mins and trying to get a fight we warped zq to get u guys to engage us. Again we get Rogue with his big D.  and yet again we move out of his range so he can stay there and have his big D. in his hand and watch us geting some nice action. The cd pilots gave us 2 bs kills with an amazing boosh than a bad call for a warp in to a cerb gave us cho and eqs kills. After some dancing we decided to leave since we werent geting a fight head on. I hoped we would get droped on the way out but nothing hapened.



Thanks for forming for my bday and i hope all of you are doing well and having fun in this game. I just came back after a long brake and decided to do  this b day roam and will be doing more in the future.

In hopes of good fights, yours trully

Fardendur the tater farmer.


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Great to hear you guys are still enjoying the game 😉 RL can be a bitch sometimes but Eve is in our hearts so 👊 Fly dangerous mates

Providence is a myth, a legacy, 7th wonder, everything we hold dear, more than Eve. It is known. 

Eve when ppl leave provibloc, they come here for good fights. We are a pack, in good times and bad. 



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