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  1. Corp 54 ( Curatores Veritatis Alliance ) Description Start Your Next Chapter With Us! We are friends and family here to help those that want to learn Eve online. What We Offer: -Very laid back atmosphere real life comes first -Learn core gameplay&mechanics -Specialized Small gang -Ratting -Industry -Noob friendly -Caps building -Ice mining/moon mining -We follow NRDS we support CVA -Newbros Welcome US/EU/AU/NZ - Providence - In-Game Channel Convoy 10-23 Discord https://discord.gg/xbRP4s2 Before you join corp we would like to chat with you on discord 5-10 Mins need a working headset mic Overview Looking for capsuleers interested in: PvP (Small Gang) Mining PvE Exploration Operating in: NPC - Nullsec Spoken languages: English Offers: Sovspace Corp Blueprints Ship Reimbursement Newbie Friendly Timezones: US AU
  2. Guidelines for posting in the Citadel Correct way to post intel: Name of Pilot, System, Type of ship, +1 to however many there are. The killmail of the people who just killed you, system, if known which way warped off. These are all examples more examples will be added as I see them occur. Incorrect: Spike number of people, The killmail of the person you just killed, system (this is blue intel) The Killmail of your ship that you just lost to NPC's. If you have a question or want more information beyond what is listed below use personal messages or thechatadel dose anyone want to go kill them (if the question has to be asked just make a fleet and hunt them) Do not post blue names in the intel channel. Do not argue with thecitadel admins. I will add to this as I see problems
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