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  1. Gemini Talon is a 0% tax rate PVP/PVE organisation based in Providence (we have no Hi-sec or Alt corp interests elsewhere except for the purpose of hauling) Practicing NRDS across ALL of New Eden. Corp Ethos - Aiming for relaxed, no fuss atmosphere but with an understanding there is some expectation. Encouraging a selfless, altruistic, considerate and enterprising approach to corp and alliance life. Language - English (English doesn't have to be your 1st or 2nd language, but is needed) Timezone - Mostly European Evening, interested in broadening the AUTZ member base Predominantly not new player centric however as long as there is motivation and a certain amount of self drive, the corp will help get you to where you need to be. Rule 1 - Everyone PVP's, for the Corp, Alliance and Coalition Rule 2 - Fly doctrine (as soon as you can) Rule 3 - Maintain activity but not at expense of RL We are looking to expand our mining & PVP capability. If you are interested in joining please Mail Chotar and Marcus Davidius Dethahal, join GEM-T DISCORD and in game you can try Gem-T Public