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  1. Greetings, This section of notices is meant for individual membership recruitment threads. If you have a Corp that is interested in joining CVA and its ranks then please join "cva-diplo" ingame and read the motd for Corp Recuritment Contacts. TYIA Equinox Daedalus.
  2. because there is no mechanic to "reset" a corp or keep track of corps that are leaving a red alliance to go unkos. we don't generally set every corp in an alliance kos or keep track of an alliances corp recruiting. its too much work. If a corp leaves a hostile alliance its considered "neutral" that doesn't mean freind or foe. If a corp leaves a hostile alliance and pirates we file a kos request. If a kos corp (already individually listed as kos) leaves a kos alliance, it is considered kos.
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