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  1. OK I can accept that it's beta. I'd just point out that when I raised concerns in another thread I was told: and: so maybe I can be forgiven for expecting too much from it. What is worth pointing out is that the screen shot I took was NOT selected as a one-off. I think you will find that the internal logic of the KOS Checker is Alliance > Corp > Pilot, and that it will give a NOT KOS result in every case where the pilot is KOS but the corp and alliance are NOT KOS. This is a difference at a very fundamental level, and if I have done nothing more than draw attent
  2. kos.cva-eve.org is authoritative... as has been stated. I've told no one it's fully reliable hence the huge beta tag, if people choose to start chinese whispers.... I don't know until I hear about them. Anyway it's on the list however as stated: Pilot -> Alliance -> Corporation Obviously this applies in cases of "KOS by last", not if the pilot is individually set as KOS. Otherwise a KOS pilot could create his own 1 man corp, kill miners, get set as KOS, switch to a new 1 man corp, kill miners, get set as KOS, switch ... which would be retarded. This i
  3. This is incorrect and causes massive confusion. Could it be amended please. Err I hate to burst your bubble but it is correct, vetted by a KOS admin and now confirmed by the dude managing the KOS team. Also as per the CVA FAQ: Questions?
  4. Welcome to the CVA Forums. This forum is for CVA and Allies only at the current time, Posting in this forum has been disabled. For any queries:- Please visit our website http://www.cva-eve.org in order to find the appropriate contact.
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