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  4. (TLOS) Dunn Idaho

    Searching for a new Corp

    Did you know ? TLOS is recruiting.
  5. (THBSW) Aenea Amatin

    Searching for a new Corp

    The Black Swarm is a german corp at CVA. Come and Speak with us if you want. CO-CEO: Tamborius Recruiter: Theresakatharina Hope
  6. (TN-NT) Keledor Rinah

    Searching for a new Corp

    Hey all, I just logged in after an 18 month break and it looks like everything changed since I left :-). Guess I missed a lot of action and fun. I was in Yulai Federation / Terra Nanotech and apparently those guys left CVA. So I am searching for a new corp in the Providence area. I do industry stuff (T1, T2 production) and PVP, check out my killboard (https://zkillboard.com/character/94047789/). Greetings Kel
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