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  4. The Bene Gesserit Chapterhouse was founded in 2006 . Our corp vision is to provide a great Eve experience to its members by maintaining a stable, efficiently managed corporation that fosters a strong sense of comradeship, within which a community of mature players from all time zones unite to pursue excellence and achieve their personal and collective objectives while having fun.We value communication and respect above all else. We believe it's important to help new members learn, improve and develop in a friendly and supportive environment. We encourage members to step up and take the lead in corporation activities. We expect our leaders to demonstrate fairness and transparency, and to appreciate that objectives and expectations must be adjusted when necessary. We fully accept that real life takes precedence over any virtual universe.Our mission is to strengthen the corporation by sustainable and balanced industrial and military growth. We are proud members of Curatores Veritatis Alliance and active in Providence. We practice NRDS in all areas of EVE and are strictly anti pirate. We offer PVP in large fleet and small gang format within alliance and coalition fleets. Ship replacement is through and alliance run scheme. We offer organised mining and ratting fleets, chances to excel at industry and an extensive blueprint library for research and production. We have a mineral and PI buyback programmeIf you are interested in our corporation, please join our public channel BGC Public
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  6. (J0KR) Ethan Yvormes

    TheCitadel (Intel Channel) Access Request Guidelines

    Guidelines for posting in the Citadel Correct way to post intel: Name of Pilot, System, Type of ship, +1 to however many there are. The killmail of the people who just killed you, system, if known which way warped off. These are all examples more examples will be added as I see them occur. Incorrect: Spike number of people, The killmail of the person you just killed, system (this is blue intel) The Killmail of your ship that you just lost to NPC's. If you have a question or want more information beyond what is listed below use personal messages or thechatadel dose anyone want to go kill them (if the question has to be asked just make a fleet and hunt them) Do not post blue names in the intel channel. Do not argue with thecitadel admins. I will add to this as I see problems
  7. The Black Swarm The Black Swarm, eine deutsche, mittelgroße Corporation sucht weiterhin Piloten. Wir sind eine der wenigen deutschsprachigen Corporations innerhalb der CVA und des Proviblocs. Neben vielen alteingesessenen, der Region Providence treuen Kapselpiloten bieten wir auch einigen Neulingen ein Zuhause. Wir suchen dich für: - PvP - Erzabbau - Forschung - Industrie - PvE Was wir fordern: - Min. 5 mio SP - Basiskenntnisse über EvE - Willen, die Allianz/Koalition zu unterstützen - Beteiligung am Corpleben Was wir bieten: - Spaß am Spielen in der Gruppe - keine TS Pflicht (mit Ausnahme 0.0) - RL geht vor - PvP, PvE, Mining, Industrie Wir freuen uns auf deine Bewerbung!
  8. Imperial Dreams, traditionally a closed corporation, is one of New Eden’s oldest and most vaunted corporations (founded June 2003). We have thrived because we are a corporation with a purpose. As Amarrian loyalists, we extend the might and jurisdiction of the Holy Amarr Empire into the reaches of null-security space. As supporters of the NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot) rules-of-engagement, we are not simply trying to grab a piece of space for ourselves, we are working to build and support an active civilization. We govern the Providence region, which is the easiest null-security space for neutrals, traders and new pilots to get out and explore. We enforce Amarrian law. We protect residents against pirates, criminals and Minmatar terrorists. We welcome law-abiding neutrals to come and enjoy the riches therein. It is no wonder our territory is the most economically diverse and active in all of null-security space and has one of the richest and most long-standing capsuleer cultures. While we aim to make the region as safe as possible, there are always those who come seeking to kill or steal. Thus our combat pilots rarely want for fights. From one-on-one exchanges to the largest battles in New Eden, our pilots are there. Our Membership Philosophy At Imperial Dreams, we don’t recruit characters, we recruit players. You should expect an active corporation whose friendships often grow to extend outside of the game. We want to be the last corporation you ever join. Who We Are Looking For First and foremost, we are looking for those who are Amarrian Loyalists. We are, and have always been, proud members of the Amarr Empire, and loyal to the Empress. We are not an establishment for those considering converting. We are only accepting pilots who have a strong conviction in the Amarrian faith. You should have a basic understanding of EVE Lore, and be on board with light roleplay. We enjoy being part of EVE’s history as a game and pushing its story further. We welcome both Amarrian pilots and those of other races who have converted to the Amarrian Faith regardless of their level of experience. While we are not dedicated to PVP, we are part of a sovereign null-security alliance. You should be willing to contribute to the defense of the region in some manner. What We Offer A chance to be part of one of EVE’s more prestigious corporations and alliances. A chance to be part of EVE’s history and lore. A corporation with a strong industrial arm. A corporation with experienced battle pilots, industrialists and alliance leadership. Access to a stable null region close to High-security space. We own three station systems and are highly committed to remaining in Providence. As one of EVE’s oldest corporations, we also have significant BPO collections available to members. Apply Today
  9. Cohortes Vigilum was originally a Finnish corporation, but we are now multi-national with a Finnish core. We are one of the oldest corporations in CVA and have taken part in the first Conquest of Providence and the two Reconquistas after the loss of it. Currently we are again holding sov for CVA in Providence. We are a casual corporation, but self-sufficiency and some PVP activity and CTA participation is required. Each member can do what they want to earn their ISK as long as it's not against the rules of CVA. As a corporation we are probably best known for our "Tribe" system camping activities, which are pretty easy introduction to the PVP side of EVE for our new members. These ops are not mandatory, but participation is highly recommended, just to getting used to being in a fleet and using CVA mumble. In the true Finnish tradition listening in comms is mandatory, but speaking is optional. Here is the testimony of one happy customer of the Tribe fleet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqshiuD1GMo
  10. Lone Wolf Union is a mid-sized corporation operating in Providence as part of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, a sov-holding NRDS coalition member alliance. We are looking for pilots interested in living in a challenging and active PvP area to join us as we continue to grow and develop as a highly stable organization. Corp members uphold NRDS rules of engagement, and operate throughout the cluster in all types of space. SRP, constant fleets, and well-developed industrial infrastructure are all available. Lone Wolf Union operates with a laid-back, no drama mantra and places real life and member enjoyment first and second, respectively. Please hop in our recruiting channel or mail a recruiter with any questions. Full account ESI screening and interview are standard recruiting policies. Most of the corp memberbase resides in North America, but there are active players across all timezones.
  11. Greetings, This section of notices is meant for individual membership recruitment threads. If you have a Corp that is interested in joining CVA and its ranks then please join "cva-diplo" ingame and read the motd for Corp Recuritment Contacts. TYIA Equinox Daedalus.
  12. (POCT) Stew Pidd-Gitt

    Searching for a new Corp

    Polaris Project needs pilots that do indy and PvP Come visit us in X-4WZD Stew Pidd-Gitt
  13. (TLOS) Dunn Idaho

    Searching for a new Corp

    Did you know ? TLOS is recruiting.
  14. (THBSW) Aenea Amatin

    Searching for a new Corp

    The Black Swarm is a german corp at CVA. Come and Speak with us if you want. CO-CEO: Tamborius Recruiter: Theresakatharina Hope
  15. (LSWS) Keledor Rinah

    Searching for a new Corp

    Hey all, I just logged in after an 18 month break and it looks like everything changed since I left :-). Guess I missed a lot of action and fun. I was in Yulai Federation / Terra Nanotech and apparently those guys left CVA. So I am searching for a new corp in the Providence area. I do industry stuff (T1, T2 production) and PVP, check out my killboard (https://zkillboard.com/character/94047789/). Greetings Kel
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